In Memory

Rogue Guirey

Rogue Guirey

From Linda Blakely:

Fred, her husband told me they’d just returned to Arizona from being up in Jackson Hole (I think) where she was exhibiting at a gallery that regularly featured her.

She had gone to pick up the photographs she’d had developed and she was on her way home, sitting at a stop light when another driver plowed into her going 35 mph.  The medics said her neck broke instantly.  The man was not discovered to have been drinking or taking drugs, just not paying attention I guess.  

Rogue was an excellent, well-known artist.  She received acclaim for her work. She was known as an American visual artist and early on painted a lot of “cowboy” art  - ranches, Indians, etc.  Later, I think most of her work was of wildlife in meadows, streams and mountain landscapes.  Some of her art is available to be seen on the internet.  I’d love it if you can post this painting so people can see how good she was.

This painting is at the National Museum of Wildlife Art in Jackson, Wyoming