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03/15/14 08:11 AM #8    

Katie Neill (Wint)

Dang it, Chris!  I was so looking forward to seeing you!

03/15/14 12:06 PM #9    

Helen Lippi (Ullmann)

Dear Janny,

Of course, you are in our thoughts.  Will light a candle at church and say a prayer for you.




03/18/14 08:15 AM #10    

Linda Blakely

Thanks Barb

     I have booked a room (had planned to share with Susan Durilla, but she is not longer able to attend).

     If anyone would like to share this room, please let me know!  Thanks,  Linda Blakely


03/18/14 11:13 PM #11    

Betsy Galloway (Niles)

I booked a room also and Trisha is my roommate and if Linda would like to join us that would be fine too, sorry Susan is not joining us. Chris might enjoy Paris more but I will miss her. Betsy

03/19/14 08:10 PM #12    

Janny Bacon (Baldwin)

Thank you so very very much for your kind words and encouragement about my health challenge right now.  The good news is that my heart monitor test came back normal, so I'm very grateful for that.  I see my doctor tomorrow to see what else could be causing these heart palpitations.  I would still appreciate your prayers that this would be resolved really soon.  Thank you for your means so much.

God bless you!


03/20/14 05:20 PM #13    


Marcy Liggitt (Rothschild)

Janny,  Prayers coming your way. Hope all is positively resolved very soon. Love to you. Marcy

03/21/14 11:56 AM #14    

Linda Blakely

Betsy,  Thanks so much for your kind offer, but I'll be bunking with Barb Pratt and Jacquie Hatch.  Can hardly wait to see you all!  Linda

03/22/14 11:56 AM #15    

Chris Papanikolas

Hi Ladies,

It is great fun reading all your messages to each other.  Almost like yelling down the hall:

"Does anyone need a date?".  Ah those were the days...human "E-harmony",

"Our Time" for us!!  Live dates hanging off that telephone line.  As a new "divorcee" where

the hell are those telephones right now?  

I will indeed miss you all because there will be a lot of great stories flying around after

46 years of not seeing each other.  Zowie!!!!

Let's keep this going, okay?  Plan one for 2015 and I will be in charge of selecting the 

perfect spot.  Bora, Bora might be one of them.  

Anyway, I will raise my "coupe de champagne" to all of you and hope you have a sun, fun,

tequila gold filled week-end sharing your many life's tales.   In the meantime I will be doing

my research.  Hmmm...Now there is this little Relais Chateaux in Honfleur that would love

to rent to us...It is called "La Chaumiere" or "God's little acre"  It has the beach, horse back

riding, fishing, mountain hikes  and it is located 10 kilometers from the best casino in

France.  Should I make a "top ten" list for us?


Air kisses and many smiles,



PS Does anyone know where Carol Bishop is?  By the way Mike Morrison said he would

come out of retirement to be our "hasher" for the week-end.  




03/22/14 05:39 PM #16    


Marcy Liggitt (Rothschild)

Sounds great, Chris. Count me in. Will miss you this time around. Marcy 

03/23/14 05:47 PM #17    

Katie Neill (Wint)

Chris:  Are you in France?  And if so, where?

03/24/14 04:15 PM #18    

Debbie Wilden


Did she marry a Robert O'Malley and where was she from?  If she is in Phoenix, I'm pretty sure I can find her.  Mary Calihan or Susie Chester should know.  Also, I believe Barbara Pratt might have an email address from her.  Let me know and I'll get on it.

Debbie Wilden

03/24/14 04:23 PM #19    

Debbie Wilden


i just found this, so let me know if you would like me to give her a call to confirm it's the right Carol Bishop O'Maley.

Carol B Omaley


Home (623) 882-8402

1907 S 171st Dr
Goodyear, AZ 85338-1778




03/25/14 11:01 AM #20    

Chris Papanikolas

Hi Debbie,

Yes...please call that amazing!!!! Thank you so, so much. did you find it?  Hope it really is Carol.  


Bisou, bisou,


03/25/14 07:19 PM #21    

Helen Lippi (Ullmann)

Debbie and Chris,

Carol Bishop O'Maley

Home 623-882-8402

The address you have is the same one I have.

03/26/14 08:30 PM #22    


Sidney Hawkins (Fay)

You all do remember Debbie is a former P. I. Don't you?? Like Tom Selleck? Only cuter!?! She could find anyone!! Counting the days til our reunion!!

03/31/14 05:23 AM #23    


Barbara Pratt (Alf)

Susie Stiles (Rhuart)
03/30/14 02:36 PM
     Hi,all! I heard from Janny's sister, Betty, that Janny is in the hospital and has undergone surgery. I don't know what type, just that she has had surgery and wants our prayers. I do know that she has suffered from extreme anxiety. I heard from her this week and we talked about her anxiety via e-mail. Please send her love and prayers. When I get more information I will pass it on, O.K.?
Pi Phi Love,
Susie Stiles Rhuart


03/31/14 02:14 PM #24    


Sidney Hawkins (Fay)

May we have Jannys snail mail address so that we can send cards or flowers?

04/01/14 02:31 AM #25    

Debbie Wilden

I would also like Janny's address to send something.  I plan on bringing a card to the reunion so those that wish to sign it can and I'll mail it from there.  We all remember how sweet, kind and thoughtful she was and we might as well tell her now that she needs it most.

04/01/14 04:13 PM #26    

Helen Lippi (Ullmann)

Dear Sidney and Debbie and all Janny Fans,

Janny Bacon Hickman

369 Kingfisher Lane

Mills River, North Carolina 28759

I have been e-mailing Janny...last heard from her mid-March and she sounds like the sweetheart we all knew and is so appreciative of everyone's posts and support.  Thank you to Susie Stiles Rhuart for letting us know she had surgery.     

04/10/14 08:12 PM #27    

Janny Bacon (Baldwin)

Hi, everyone,

I want to thank you for your cards, your prayers, and your concern about me.  Those heart palpitations I shared about turned out to be from anxiety.  Apparently it was severe and also included some  depression.  I was in the hospital for almost two weeks....There was no surgery, just lots of time trying to get the medication right.  Now that I think of it, if there had been surgery,  maybe a brain transplant would have been nice.  :)   I'm home now, and going to group therapy sessions at the hospital for 4 days a week.  I see this as a season for learning, growing, healing and trusting God as He leads.  

Blessings to each one of you.  Thank you for any continued prayers.



04/20/14 01:22 PM #28    

Linda Blakely


So glad you've gotten a diagnosis, and all fingers will be crossed that you're on the mend.  We'll miss you and be thinking of you - just know the light will be a little dimmer without your sparkling self!

Linda Blakely

05/02/14 10:52 AM #29    

Melinda McGeorge (Johnson)

Dear Barbara,

Just a quick thank you for all of your hard work for these past few days in Tucson.  It was so much fun!  Yes to renew the friendships and to recultivate others, really shows that sisterhood lasts a lifetime!!  Loved seeing the Pi Phi house, and the memories that it brings back. 


Laughter and fun!  Thanks Everyone!






07/07/14 06:12 PM #30    

Helen Lippi (Ullmann)

Gaie L'Hommedieu (Ann's youngest sister)

2621 Lago Oaks Drive

Santa Rosa, CA 95405

Not only was Ann fun, funny, and friendly, she had a nurturing side, too.  She must have been a wonderful loving mother.

08/09/14 11:11 PM #31    

Linda Blakely


Subject:  Ann L'Hommedieu

If any of you intended to post your memories of Ann L'Hommedieu or write a note to her sister Gaie and haven't yet done so, I have just copied, pasted and forwarded all the messages you've posted (so far) to her sister Gaie.  They will be shared with Ann's two sons Matt and Jay and with Ann's other sister, Joan.

Gaie was very touched by your notes and extremely grateful to have your memories.  I hope you all don't mind that I sent them to Ann's family.


Linda Blakely



10/25/16 07:36 PM #32    

E. E. (Elaine) Moe

Dear Ladies -

Many Happy Birthdays to all and to the graduating class of 1966 I hope to see some of you at the University of Arizona 50th Reunion this coming weekend. I will be attending the Silver and Sage induction and would love to catch up with whoever is attending. Astonishing that its been 50 yrs since graduating - not counting the preceeding years.

Prior to Barbs fixing the site I tried to get the reunion info out, since I am on the committee, but there were errors. I do hope that the reunion information reached you via the Alumni office.

Fondly and Pi Phi love                                                                                                                                 Elaine "E.E."


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