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07/03/14 06:57 AM #1    

Barbara Pratt (Alf)


Ann L’Hommedieu Graham died on May 26th, 2014 of pulmonary fibrosis.  Her 
sisters Joan and Gaie were at her bedside for two weeks of the month before she 
died. Bless her heart - I'd encouraged her to attend the reunion and she said 
she was on oxygen, and wasn’t sure she should be flying, but she’d love to come 
and would if she could.  She died 23 days after our reunion.  

The last time I saw her was at Thanksgiving in Glen Ellen, California, 4 or 5 
years ago.  We met for brunch at a small cafe and she was full of life and her 
wonderful self. I have Gaie’s address if anyone would like to send a card. This 
hits way to close to home.

07/04/14 02:52 PM #2    

Susie Stiles (Rhuart)

Ann was a few years ahead of me, but I was always impressed with her beauty and laughter. She had a classy quality I wanted to learn about and try (unsuccessfully) to attain. She was down to earth, fun and she seemed to always be a lady. Always stylish, kind and funny. Rogue Guirey Simpson and our other Pi Phi sisters will be sure to meet her in heaven!

07/05/14 05:53 PM #3    

Chris Papanikolas

Oh dear, what news...please send an address where I can send her family a note.  She was one of Steph's dearest friends.  Oh my word.  What a shock to read that.  What a beautiful girl she was.  That face, that skin!

Betsy, I am so sorry.  I know how close all of you were.  Same for you Linda!

Linda, are you still in NYC?   I am very sorry I missed it.  Let's all meet up again in a more exotic place.  Anyone game for that please e-mail me at

My best to all of you,

Chris Papanikolas

Betsy, give me a call.  I am in the USA.  801-662-8548

07/07/14 03:07 AM #4    

E. E. (Elaine) Moe

Ring Ching Ann - you are another beautiful angel who has received their wings. We cherish your

memory in love, joy and laughter for all the brightness you brought. Fondly E.E. Moe

If there is an address for the family I would like to send a note.

07/07/14 09:05 PM #5    

Betsy Galloway (Niles)

I was fortunate to have gotten to live with Ann in the house and after we graduated in San Francisco, she was one of my bridesmaids. She was beautiful both inside and out and had such a serenity about her no matter what the circumstances, she was gracious and full of love and laughter and always game for anything. I like to think positive, I know she will be joining the love of her life, Michael who passed away a few years ago and also some other great friends, Stephanie and Rogue. Her sister Gaie's email is She will be missed! Affectionately Betsy

07/09/14 06:14 PM #6    

Chris Papanikolas

Hello Linda, Barbara and Betsy,

Thank you for the e-mail of Gaie.  I would prefer writing a card so if Linda can post Gaie's address and name

please do!  Mike Morrison also wants to write her.  He says to say "hi" Linda.

I await word.

She was truly a lovely woman.  I am sorry to hear this news.  Too young for sure!

With all my best,

Chris Papanikolas

07/09/14 06:31 PM #7    

Helen Lippi (Ullmann)

Ann was fun, funny, and friendly, but she also had a nurturing side.

Ann's younger sister:

Gaie L'Hommedieu

2621 Lago Oaks Drive

Santa Rosa, CA 95405


Betsy's post has the email address.

07/12/14 01:00 AM #8    

Cyndy Crowell (Cotton)

Ann was such a warm, lovely persson.  Everyone enjoyed congragating in her room at school.  I haven't seen her since college, but I'm certain she remained the same kind of person throughout her life.

Cyndy Crowell Cotton

08/09/14 01:59 PM #9    

Linda Blakely

     Still having a hard time getting my head around Ann's death.  She was one of those people (and I know you'll all know what I mean) who it was comforting to know was on this earth.

     Several of my most enduring memories of Ann involve sharing a room with her at 1035.  Anyone that knew her well knew she was possibly the number 1 fan of the Beatles.  I think she played her Beatles albums almost every waking hour.  

     She also had an electric popcorn maker (strictly forbidden) in her closet and made popcorn for us regularly. Whenever someone would stick their head in the door and ask if we smelled popcorn, Ann would put on her most innocent expression and say no, she hadn't noticed anything unsusual.  She was telling the truth, of course, as it was pretty usual in our room!

     Whenever we spoke, it was as if no time had passed at all.  She had a such a calm and loving demeanor. She was relaxed about life.  I can still hear her voice.....  She never stopped calling me "Blakes".  Even her mother called me Blakes.







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